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Maple Diabetes

Prevention and Education Centre

Welcome to Maple Diabetes Prevention and Education Centre

Maple Diabetes offers individual and group services for people in Kingston that are affected by diabetes, and offers counselling, group programs and family learning programs.  We are funded through Stand Up to Diabetes, a Government of Ontario plan to fight the growing trend of diabetes.  

We are hosted by Maple Family Health Team in Kingston. We are open to all community members in Kingston affected by diabetes. Anyone can access our services for free and no referral is required – just call 613-531-6086.


ABC's of Diabetes

Part 1: How Diabetes Works

This group program involves an in-depth conversation exploring what is happening inside the body of a person with type 2 diabetes. It also explores what happens if diabetes is not under control and some of the complications that can result.

Part 2: Healthy Eating and Keeping Active:

This group program focuses on the lifestyle changes that people with type 2 diabetes can make to have better quality of life and prevent or delay complications related to poor control of diabetes. Participants have a chance to determine changes they are willing to make related to healthy eating and keeping active, as well as identify any challenges they might face to making changes and how to overcome those challenges.





After attending part 1 and part 2 of our Diabetes ABCs, you can book your one-on-on appointment with our Certified Diabetes Educators:
A Registered Nurse and a Registered Dietitian.

Your one-on-one appointment can involve:

  • Personalized healthy eating and exercise plans
  • Suggestions for diabetes medications
  • Starting and adjusting insulin
  • Gestational Diabetes, Diabetes pre-existing before pregnancy, and type 1 diabetes will be admitted directly into our one-on-one appointments

Group Programs

Maple Diabetes offers a variety of group programs, such as:

  • Diabetes ABCs:  Part 1 & 2

    Our dietitian and nurse will help you understand your diabetes, make healthy food choices for diabetes, and live your best life with diabetes. These 2-hour group sessions run weekly.
  • Prediabetes:  

    This program is designed for anyone with prediabetes who is interested in working towards diabetes prevention. The program will also cover risk factors and the health consequences of uncontrolled diabetes.